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Northern Exposure Basketball FAQs


  If you have questions that are not answered below please contact NE basketball personnel using the 'contact us' button found on       this webpage. If your question is urgent please call. 


When are tryouts held?


Each year Northern Exposure hosts OPEN tryouts for all of their teams. Once specific dates, times and locations have been determined, ALL tryout information will be posted on the NE Basketball website at: www.  Continue to check the website regularly for updates, player news and program information.


Youth tryouts are typically held in November/December with teams set by the first week in December.


High School tryouts, if applicable, take place in mid-March with teams set by the first week in April. 



What is the time commitment?


·         The Youth season typically runs from January through April.


·         The High School season from April through July, with a break in June to support players’ high school team camps. 


Tournaments (games) take place on the weekends. Occasionally, some 7th/8th teams’ seasons may extend further into the spring or into the July open period.



When are the practices?


Practice will typically run once or twice per week, depending on the tournament schedule.  Practices are primarily held at TCAPS facilities, or arranged by coach, and typically take place at 6:00 pm or later.



How many games and what is the season?


The season generally consists of 5 to 7 weekend events.  The younger teams tend to play fewer tournaments and travel less. Games are typically played on Saturday and Sunday, with some tournaments beginning games on Friday evenings (mostly high school).  These events will be posted on the schedule page when the schedule is finalized.  The high school season, if applicable, is typically broken up into two parts…The spring season, which takes places during April and May and the summer season, which takes place in July.



How much does it cost (Player Fee)?


Families should plan approximately:

·         $350-$400 for the Youth season

·         $500-$700 for the High School season


The amount will be finalized once the schedule is official and the rosters and number of teams are set.  The total amount may vary in some cases based on the quantity of tournaments in which each team participates.  A deposit of half of the player fee is due at the parent meeting, which will be held shortly after tryouts are concluded.


What does the Player Fee cover?

This player fee covers all tournament entry fees, practice time, uniform, player gear (jersey, shorts, shooting shirt, etc) as well as insurance and other administrative costs.  NE Basketball operates with all volunteers.  Families will be responsible for their own travel expenses to the out-of-town events.



Do the teams also play in local Northern Michigan tournaments?


We do occassionally play local tournaments but nearly all of them require extended or overnight travel.



In what cities do the NE teams travel to play in tournaments?


The tournaments in which NE Basketball competes vary from year to year.  In the past we have traveled to Grand Rapids, Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, Detroit, Bellaire, Clarkston, as well as other cities throughout Michigan.


How many players are placed on a NE team?


We target 8-10 players per team.  Occasionally there will be more or less depending on circumstances.  We plan to have at least one team at each grade level, however, there is no guarantee. If the depth of talent at the tryouts allows for it, we may have 2 teams at some grade levels.



My family cannot afford the Player Fee.  Can my child still play NE Basketball?


Please contact NE Basketball directly with this question.



Is there any other parent or family commitment?


YES. We count on each player attending practices regularly. It is critical that every effort be made to have each player at practice. Also, tournaments typically require each team to have a volunteer for game clock and score. It is helpful when parents volunteer freely for this role.



Are there any fundraising opportunities available to help offset the cost?


YES. We are planning to provide parents and players an opportunity to raise money to help offset some or all of the cost associated with the upcoming NE Basketball season.  More details on the fundraising program will be available in the future.



Who will be coaching my son or daughter?


As with the players, the coaches are selected on a year-to-year basis. Each coach is evaluated by the NE program and prior to the season head coaches are selected for each grade level. The coaches will be present at tryouts and will be posted with each team. Given the uncertainty of the number of teams at each level and where players will be placed, it is likely certain coaches may not be posted immediately.



Will there be training opportunities associated with the NE program?


YES. We are committed to developing the skill set and talents of all our NE  players. We are partnering with local coaches and statewide trainers and will have more details available as the season progresses.


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